Commercial Photography

Longwood's "The Big One" rocks an earthquake theme.

Longwood's "The Big One" rocks an earthquake theme.

Commercial and advertising photography requires near-perfect images.  This is achieved through a process of investigation, creative concepts, problem solving, shoot planning and eventually, a photoshoot.  Post-capture, we review, post-process and deliver at high resolution.  

These images don't only sell products - they sell lifestyles, concepts and ideas.  We take your idea, and creatively interpret how that can be presented photographically.

80% of all advertising campaigns use photography

Commercial images are used for more than just ads though - we create images for print - books, reports, catalogs.. and of course, the web - your website and social media.

We are required to have the expertise to shoot a broad range of subjects - buildings, models, merchandise, landscapes - whatever it takes to communicate your message.

Our experience with a wide range of subjects, working with creative teams, shooting for layouts, and keeping in the loop about style and sales trends makes for a rewarding relationship with my clients.